Customized Moving provides professional guidance on your move using  40+ years of inside industry expertise.

Moving is Complicated and Unregulated.

Moving is an expensive, intangible service, that is difficult to understand and compare.
Adding to the stress are the bad actors that scam intelligent consumers everyday.
We offer:
  • 40+ years of inside-industry knowledge.
  • No added cost, with our unique co-op marketing model.
  • Customized service, tailored to your needs and budget.

  • Best-in-class Movers, competing for your business.
  • Easy to compare,  “Comprehensive Price Program”.

  • Jargon-free guidance, on the process and costs.

Whether you are moving on your own or being relocated by your employer…

“You can shop with confidence knowing that the information, guidance, and sponsors you find on this site are professional and safe. You have my word on that”. —Larry Kruger, Founder

 Customer Centric Service.

Consumer Services

This process provides you with the guidance you need to understand the service, the ability to compare intangibles and a safe selection of professional Movers

Corporate Services

Relocation programs for, corporations, Real Estate agents, Hospitals, not- for- profit and others.

Moving Industry Services

The development of a customer is the sole purpose of any organization. Without a customer you don’t have a Moving company.

We Specialize in Long Distance Moves

Local moves are charged by the hour and subject to local market pricing and minimum rates. Budget for $200 per room.

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