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LcJ Kruger Inc.

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The development of a satisfied customer is the sole purpose of any business.

The only way to grow “sustainable market share” in a service industry, is through Innovation, Branding, Marketing and Sales… Period.


We offer:

Customer Development – A review of your current operation, your branding, marketing and sales process and suggestions on setting up a “customer focused” program.

Branding – Is not a marketing campaign or sales pitch, but an organization wide, top-down approach and mindset, focused on every touch point of the customers journey.

Marketing –Identifying the market and demographic best suited for your operation. Suggested in-house messaging tailored to your unique operation.

Sales – Differentiating your organization from your competitors. USP (Unique Selling Proposition) What makes you unique? When you are the same as the next guy, price is the only difference.

Consultative Sales – Back to basics. We are not in the business to count chairs, our goal is to help clients through a stressful, life-changing process.

Drivers and crews– We are in the hospitality business, we have to deliver what the consultant promised and the customer expects.

Local Visibility Calendar – Set up a simple local marketing budget and campaign, building your visibility and sales enthusiasm.

Coaching – New hires or seasoned representatives. Sales advice and coaching for in-house, COD, and corporate markets.

Corporate RFP Responses – Developing or modifying your organization’s unique story and message for corporate accounts.

Customized – A direct corporate sales and marketing program utilizing our unique multi brand co-op program. Must comply with service standards. (Limited space available).

COD Sales – Direct COD sales, only available in select markets, under certain circumstances and renumeration.

Larry Kruger Bio

Larry has been in the moving and storge business for over 40 years. Starting as a COD moving consultant, he moved to a corporate account rep, to sales management, to Director of sales training for Allied van lines Canada, to managing director of Allied International Canada, leaving to start the first online DIY moving platform Move Direct, (the catalyst of what is now P4P marketing).

He Joined McWilliams Moving in 2001 and continued to sell and market, in the corporate arena for over 20 years. During his career Larry achieved numerous, number one national sales awards in four of the five major Van Lines. (He never worked in the fifth)

His LinkedIn videos and articles have a loyal global following. Leading to appearances on several pod casts. Larry has been a guest speaker at both the CERC and the ERC. His articles have been featured in over 120 countries through several industry magazines including CAM, CERC, ERC, FIDI, The Mover and several other local and national periodicals. He is the author of, Floating Above the Pricks. Bubble cleaning 101, a self-help book Available on Amazon.

Larry came up through the ranks. Everything that he accomplished came from practical on the street experience, not hypothetical theory. Larry knows firsthand the challenges of the household goods sales team, in the development of a customer. He offers both sympathetic and fun coaching coupled with practical economic avenues for your sales and marketing budget.

Larry is above all a consumer advocate. Moving is a complicated, expensive, intangible service. By working with likeminded professionals his goal is to enhance the reputation of this wonderful industry.