Consumer Services

Moving is an extremely stressful life changing event. It is also a costly, intangible service that is difficult to understand and compare. In addition, the online market is riddled with bad actors offering misleading pricing with no consideration for your unique concerns.

This process provides you with the guidance you need to understand the service, the ability to compare intangibles and a safe selection of professional Movers.


Get Moving


Download our Comprehensive Pricing Agreement.

Our service consists of:

A discussion on your situation and concerns

A preliminary ballpark budgeting estimate

Guidance on the service options that best suit your needs and budget

Jargon free explanation on the moving process, costs, and timelines

Information on how to shop and compare Movers using our exclusive Comprehensive Pricing Program

If interested and only with your permission, we will contact our professional Movers on your behalf and brief them on your situation as per the consultation. They will then contact you direct, already knowing your unique needs and expectations to set up an in-home survey.

*Please be sure to enter your Comp-code for a free consultation*

We can also arrange for video surveys along with the consultation and comprehensive pricing program.

You can also choose not to have a consultation and simply have us introduce you to a selection of Movers. We will send you a Comprehensive Pricing form to help you compare services, as well as other written information to help you understand the industry.

We Specialize in Long Distance Moves

Local moves are charged by the hour and subject to local market pricing and minimum rates. Budget for $200 per room.

    Grassroots Challenge

    Please take our Grassroots challenge. When it comes to sustainability we cannot just wait for big business or government initiatives, it gets down to individuals to do what we can.  When you move, it is a perfect time to “GO GREEN” in your new home. Given that, we would like to remind you that there are several small “grassroots” initiatives you can take, to help change the big picture.

    • Do not waste food or water.
    • Reduce, reuse, recycle and avoid excessive packaging.
    • Build or buy a composter.
    • Plant something using native species, plant a tree, fruits, vegetables, or a bee and butterfly garden.
    • Save water, install low-flow toilets and water fixtures, get a rain barrel.
    • Walk or cycle more and drive less.
    • Investigate the 100-mile diet, only buy as much food as you can consume.
    • Some items are inadmissible and cannot be moved (aerosol cans, propane tanks, etc.). Consider disposing of them safely or gift them to neighbors and friends.
    • When in your new home look for ecofriendly products.
    • Look into green power for your home.
    • Put up a clothesline.
    • Unplug and recharge, go outside and play more.

    If we all do our small part, we are all moving in the right direction.