Relocation & Auto-Mechanics Syndrome

You hear a ping in your engine, the red engine light comes on, you ignore it, it flashes for your attention, you reach for the manual, you click to YouTube for more information, the light flashes more vigorously, the engine sputters, finally and reluctantly you take it to the dealer or auto mechanic. Most of us don’t know a hell of a lot about auto mechanics but we act like we do, just to throw them off the scent of us being a mark. We speak to the service desk and drop a few possibilities that we picked up on google. Acting like we have just torn an engine down, while listening to Bruce Springsteen’s Darkness on the Edge of Town album (give it a listen and you will get the analogy).

At any rate, the auto technician explains that they will hook it up to the diagnostic machines and run some tests. We wait nervously for the diagnosis. The crankshaft is flirting with the flywheel, causing the pistons to misfire, and messing with the fuel system assembly. Looks like you also need a new windshield wiper. You are looking at about $3500.00 with labour and parts. Should we go ahead with the fix? You ask yourself does it just need the screws tightened on the propeller thingamajig up front, or is this legit?  You are, we all are, experiencing auto-mechanic syndrome, the fear of not knowing much, if anything, about what we are about to spend $3500.00 on. With that nagging little voice inside us asking, am I getting screwed here or is the crankshaft really flirting with the flywheel, after all they are right about the windshield wiper. Unless you have a trusted mechanic, most all of us just don’t know what the hell we are buying.

In all seriousness, we have all heard of white coat syndrome, when visiting our doctor, well auto mechanic syndrome is a real thing and so is moving- syndrome. From major corporations to small companies, to individuals, most everyone is mystified by moving. As an industry, we are intimidating, big trucks, lots of acronyms, lots of Jargon and lots of mystery in what a customer is paying for and getting. The difference with mover-syndrome is that the dollar value is a lot higher. Moves are turning into a very big-ticket item, with long distance moves easily climbing over twenty thousand dollars. Many corporations are spending millions on moving household goods with little knowledge of what they are buying. Choosing to leave the decisions in the hands of third-party companies, who are receiving a commission based on the cost of the move.

As the old cowboy said, “trust in God but tie your horse”.  Knowledge is power. The fact of the matter is we don’t use moving services all that often or if we do, we have someone managing it for us. We are all professional consumers, if we know what we are buying, all of us can make clear educated decisions.  Customized Moving demystifies moving. We are 100% focused on education and providing guidance to individual or mobility departments. Our business model is built around clear honest information and options. We provide professional, independent consultations, evaluating the clients needs and then offer professional guidance based on those needs. We demystify moving by explaining the entire process and the costs. All jargon free.

Whether you are moving on your own or manage a relocation program, Customized Moving offers independent professional consultation and guidance. If you are running a mobility program, we can diagnose your current program, and see if you need a big overhaul or perhaps you just need to tighten it up a little? If you are looking at going out for RFP in Canada, either to the relocation management firms or direct to the movers, talk to us first. We will make sure you understand the process, what you are being charged for and how you can increase value by asking the right questions. We can help you focus your RFP on the steak rather than the sizzle. Reporting and dashboards are nice, but household goods moving is very expensive and confusing. Moving is a simple service with a very complicated costing method. Contact us directly to demystify the moving industry and eliminate the symptoms of your relocation-syndrome.